Viveka Hulyalkar

Beam Impact’s Mission to Shift $10 Billion from Brands to Nonprofits

“Customers today are so anxious that they’re not making a big enough impact in their day-to-day lives,” reveals Viveka Hulyalkar. “They would not only switch brands; they would even pay extra for a brand that they believe is more socially responsible.” The Co-Founder and CEO of Beam Impact shares how to turn consumer behaviors into cash to make a tangible impact. Listen to Hulyalkar’s story and valuable advice here.

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More about Viveka Hulyalkar

Viveka Hulyalkar is Co-Founder & CEO of Beam Impact, a nextgen customer engagement platform that helps brands reach and retain their best young customers by empowering users to impact issues they care about with every purchase. Hulyalkar graduated with Honors from Brown University and has deep experience in corporate philanthropy and cause marketing. Prior to founding Beam Impact, she founded initiatives sponsored by the NBA, Clinton Global Initiative, and the Government of India. Viveka has been recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30 for Social Impact, and continues to strive towards her goal of making it easier for people to support issues that matter most to them every day.

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