Sacha Samotin

Applecart: How Sacha Samotin Built A $30 Million Business

Jeopardy, the path from politics to business, and an idea that started in a college dorm room. The Co-Founder of Applecart, Sacha Samotin, discusses how the idea to build a platform that uses publicly available data to advertise came to be, what kind of business mistakes he has made and lessons learned from them, the importance of building a sustainable team of people, and more in this episode.

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More about Sacha Samotin

Sacha Samotin is the Co-Founder of Applecart, a platform with $12.5 million in funding and more than $30 million in revenue that enables advertisers to reach high-value business decision-makers. He graduated from University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s in Political Science and Government, and got the idea for his business in his college dorm room! Samotin was determined to find a more educated and efficient way to market to the right people, and since building Applecart to do exactly that, has worked with clients like KKR and Boeing. Samotin is recognized as a Forbes 30 under 30 member and Applecart’s work has been featured by the Washington Post, USA Today, Associated Press, and the Colbert Report. Samotin has also made an appearance on Jeopardy, where he took down a 5-day champion! 

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