Natalie Yeadon

Impetus Digital: The Pharmaceutical Revolutionary

Something many of us are used to by now is attending virtual meetings. For most of us, this is due to working at home throughout the pandemic but Natalie Yeadon, Co-founder and CEO of Impetus Digital, recognized the benefits of implementing virtual technology into corporate meetings and events long before it became our reality. Yeadon sits down with host Greg Muzzillo to share how she took a leap of faith by founding a virtual-based company in 2008, and has since transformed pharmaceuticals meetings, events, and programs across the globe.

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More about Natalie Yeadon

With over 18 years of experience in senior roles in the pharmaceutical industry, Natalie Yeadon is the Co-Founder and CEO of Impetus Digital. Yeadon’s career path started with four years as a radiation therapist treating cancer patients, an experience that profoundly influenced her perspective on significant health issues faced by society. This work also served as the inspiration for Impetus Digital, which focuses on fostering authentic partnerships between healthcare stakeholders through online advisory boards and working groups. Over the course of her career, Yeadon has emerged as a renowned entrepreneur and highly sought-after lecturer, and was named as one of the Top 100 Inspiring People in Pharma for her outstanding contributions to the pharmaceutical industry. Yeadon’s most recent achievement is the publication of her debut book, The Healthcare Heretic, which challenges healthcare leaders to bring about disruptive change, and offers thought-provoking insights into the industry 

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