Leo Resig

How The Chive Founders Built an Empire & Started a Business with Bill Murray

Do you live your life with blinders on or off? Are you aware of the opportunities that surround you? Leo Resig is Co-Founder of the well-known lifestyle and comedy website, The Chive, and creates popular apparel such as “Keep Calm and CHIVE on.” He is also Co-Founder of Atmosphere TV, the world’s largest audio-optional streaming TV service for businesses.

Tune in to hear Resig's story about starting a business with Bill Murray and advice how pursuing your passion and being aware of your surroundings can lead to great success.

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More about Michael Leo Resig…

Leo Resig has always had an interest in the entertainment industry and lives with a mission to make the world a happier place. He and his brother founded theCHIVE, a website that offers curated content focused on lifestyle and humor. They also started The Chivery, the official company store of theCHIVE, which offers humorous shirts including one of their most recognizable, “Keep Calm and Chive On.” The brothers also started Atmosphere TV, one of the world’s largest streaming TV services for businesses, offering original, audio-optional TV channels. In addition, Resig is Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder of Bill Murray’s company, William Murray Golf.

More about Million Dollar Monday…

Million Dollar Monday features real successful people with real useful advice for entrepreneurs and people with big dreams. This series is hosted by Greg Muzzillo who many years ago started his own company called Proforma with a small investment of $200 and a lot of big dreams. Thanks to solid advice from some real successful people, Proforma is now a $500 million leader in the printing and promotional products industry with over 600 franchise offices throughout North America. Today, Muzzillo’s big dream is to help aspiring business owners and sales professionals reach their big dreams.

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About The Author

Greg Muzzillo started Proforma as an industry distributor in 1978. The company grew quickly and in the early 1980s Proforma was recognized for three consecutive years on Inc. magazine’s list of the 500 fastest-growing companies in North America. In the late 1980’s Proforma introduced its membership program to empower distributors to retain their business ownership and independence, and to share in sales and marketing resources, purchasing power with industry suppliers, one back office including all billing, accounting, vendor payments, cash flow, computer systems and more. Today Proforma has over 600 Members and is the $500 Million leader in the Promotional Products and Print Industry. Proforma’s record breaking success includes having 18 of its Affiliates named to Inc. Magazine’s 2020 list of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies and 193 Affiliates achieving its Million/Multi-Million Dollar Club with sales up to $38 million.