Josh Goodman

Tapping into an Untapped Market

Josh Goodman is the Founder and CEO of PourMyBeer, a next-generation self-pour beverage system. Goodman discusses the many stages his business went through in order to solve a huge issue in the nightlife industry – crowded bars. With over 10,000 taps in 23 countries, Goodman provides valuable advice on how with the right mindset, a simple frustration can lead to a fortune.

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Josh Goodman is the Founder and CEO of PourMyBeer, a leading self-serve dispense technology company providing restaurant operators increased efficiencies and sales while providing patrons with a better experience. Goodman has been recognized as an Inc. 5,000 award-winner, a two-time entrepreneur, a 360-award winner, and a leader in his industry. PourMyBeer has over 10,000 taps in 23 countries, and most recently Coca-Cola European Partners chose to invest in the company. Goodman’s investment in his own technology and his people has provided a foundation for the company’s growth and success.

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Million Dollar Monday features real successful people with real useful advice for entrepreneurs and people with big dreams. This series is hosted by Greg Muzzillo who many years ago started his own company called Proforma with a small investment of $200 and a lot of big dreams. Thanks to solid advice from some real successful people, Proforma is now a $500 million leader in the printing and promotional products industry with over 600 franchise offices throughout North America. Today, Muzzillo’s big dream is to help aspiring business owners and sales professionals reach their big dreams.

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