Calloway Cook

Frustration to Action: How Calloway Cook Revolutionized the Supplement Industry

Imagine quitting your job and risking it all to raise money, build a business plan on the fly, and create a company you believe can make a difference in people’s lives. Sound crazy? Well that's exactly what the bold, entrepreneur Calloway Cook did when he founded Illuminate Labs. The Founder and active President of this modern and honest supplements company discusses with host, Greg Muzzillo, the miscommunication between consumers and the dietary supplement industry, and reveals his best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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More about Calloway Cook

Calloway Cook founded Illuminate Labs after being a long-term, increasingly frustrated consumer of dietary supplements. Calloway took a proactive approach to ensure supplements he took were safe, and would request access to the current test results of products he was interested in. Calloway was shocked that all of his requests were denied, and not a single company was willing to provide him with those results.  Rather than accepting this outcome, Calloway, a self-described serial entrepreneur and problem solver, formed his own company as a direct response to this issue. Illuminate Labs offers transparent information about dietary supplements and the pharmaceutical industry, making their brand a safer and more reliable option for consumers. Calloway is passionate about increasing consumer awareness of medical research on natural compounds – with this passion being the driving force behind Illuminate Labs’ content strategy.

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Million Dollar Monday features real successful people with real useful advice for entrepreneurs and people with big dreams. This series is hosted by Greg Muzzillo who many years ago started his own company called Proforma with a small investment of $200 and a lot of big dreams. Thanks to solid advice from some real successful people, Proforma is now a $500 million leader in the printing and promotional products industry with over 600 franchise offices throughout North America. Today, Muzzillo’s big dream is to help aspiring business owners and sales professionals reach their big dreams.

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