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Jack Canfield
Founder of the Billion-Dollar “Chicken Soup for the Soul” Publishing Empire and New York Times best-selling author shares how he has devoted his life and career to helping others achieve their personal definition of success and create lives of great joy, meaning and fulfillment.

JANUARY 11, 2021

Kevin Harrington

An original “shark” on the hit TV show Shark Tank, the creator of the infomercial, pioneer of the As Seen on TV brand, and business ventures that have produced over 5 billion global sales – Harrington has empowered many to turn their dreams into million dollar reality.

JANUARY 18, 2021

Nick Friedman

Nick Friedman started College H.U.N.K.S Hauling Junk and grew the business to a multi-million dollar national franchise. Friedman explains how there is an intricate balance between the ‘ready-fire-aim’ approach and perfecting a business plan before actually getting started.

JANUARY 25, 2021

Scott Wolstein
Scott Wolstein has a long and distinguished career as one of the top leaders and developers in the real estate industry. As company Chairman and CEO of DDR, he led a successful IPO and grew its assets from $400 million to $16 billion, becoming a world-leader in open-air shopping center ownership, management and development.

FEBRUARY 1, 2021

Jim Tressel
Jim Tressel led the Ohio State Buckeyes to win the 2002 National Championship and seven Big Ten Championships. Learn what it takes to win through adversity with one of the most respected coaches in college football history. Tressel discusses how ‘anyone can handle the good times; it’s how you handle the tough times.’

FEBRUARY 8, 2021

Niurka has empowered hundreds of thousands of people to elevate the way they think, speak and live. The former Top Corporate Trainer for Tony Robbins launched her company in 2000 and for more than two decades has guided some of the most powerful businesses to produce record-breaking results. Niurka shares with host Greg Muzzillo how it all starts with our mindset.

FEBRUARY 15, 2021


Michael Siegal
Michael Siegal, Chairman of the Board with Olympic Steel, grew the company from $35 million to more than $1.6 billion in revenues. He knows what it takes to break through the boundaries other people set for you. He discusses with Host Greg Muzzillo that as captain of the ship you cannot panic in the storm, you must be able to embrace change to continue to grow and be successful.

FEBRUARY 22, 2021

Marc Blumenthal
Marc Blumenthal is a serial entrepreneur who is committed to helping other entrepreneurs accelerate success through meaningful connections, investments and opportunities. As Chairman of Synapse Florida and Founding Member of Florida Funders, Blumenthal discusses with Host Greg Muzzillo how finding problems fuels the creation of business and wealth.

MARCH 1, 2021

Phil Hellmuth
Phil Hellmuth, 15-time World Series of Poker Champion, has won more than $23 million in live tournament winnings and helped raise over $60 million for charity. The poker legend shares with Host Greg Muzzillo how positive thinking influences our reality and empowers us to achieve extraordinary success.

“You are what you think; You become what you think; What you think becomes reality.”

MARCH 8, 2021


Marty Lott
Marty Lott, SanMar’s Founder of the nation’s premier supplier of wholesale imprinted clothing and accessories, shares his famous yellow t-shirt story with Host Greg Muzzillo. What was a complete disaster quickly turned into recognizing two foundational principles that are key to driving success.

MARCH 15, 2021

Umberto P. Fedeli
When you help others achieve success, magic happens. “I’m a big believer of the law of reciprocity. You only get what you want to give,” explains Umberto P. Fedeli, President and CEO of The Fedeli Group, one of the largest privately held risk management and insurance firms in the state of Ohio.

MARCH 22, 2021

Bill Koeblitz
To have a dream is one thing, but to pursue that dream with passion and conviction is the difference between settling and success. Bill Koeblitz, Founder of MobilityWorks, discusses with Host Greg Muzzillo his aspirations of getting into Formula 1 Grand Prix racing and ultimately how he started a business that today, has become the largest national provider of wheelchair accessible vehicles.

MARCH 29, 2021


Dr. Nido Qubein
Dr. Nido Qubein came to the United States as a teenager with limited knowledge of English and only $50 in his pocket. Today, as President of High Point University, he has led the school through extraordinary transformation and increased revenue from $40 million to $350 million. Qubein shares his inspiring story with Host Greg Muzzillo and the steps to achieving success.

APRIL 5, 2021

Michael Feuer
Michael Feuer started OfficeMax with one store and a personal investment of $20,000 and grew the business into a $5 billion company with nearly 1,000 stores. Feuer shares with Host Greg Muzzillo the steps he took to ensure that his business would be successful.

APRIL 12, 2021

Tom Monaghan
Tom Monaghan, Founder of Domino’s Pizza, grew the company into one of the world’s largest pizza companies and then sold it for a billion dollars. Despite his inauspicious childhood and business challenges, he transformed the pizza industry. Monaghan discusses with Host Greg Muzzillo his five key priorities that have been a roadmap for his success and life.

APRIL 19, 2021


Jim Hummer
Jim Hummer founded two healthcare companies and invested in over 30 cutting-edge ventures, creating over $4 billion in shareholder value. Hummer discusses with Host Greg Muzzillo the lessons he learned from opportunities and failures during his career, including when he sold his company, Whole Health Management, to pharmacy store giant Walgreens.

APRIL 26, 2021

Fred Albrecht
Fred Albrecht is an accomplished business owner, mentor and coach, who together with his wife, Suzette, built a $40 million dollar business in the promotional products and print industry, Proforma Albrecht & Co. “Relationships matter more than anything,” Albrecht discusses with Host Greg Muzzillo, “it’s all about building a company one great person at a time.”

MAY 3, 2021


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Million Dollar Monday features real successful people with real useful advice for entrepreneurs and people with big dreams. This series is hosted by Greg Muzzillo who many years ago started his own company called Proforma with a small investment of $200 and a lot of big dreams. Thanks to solid advice from some real successful people, Proforma is now a $500 million leader in the printing and promotional products industry with over 600 franchise offices throughout North America. Today, Muzzillo’s big dream is to help aspiring business owners and sales professionals reach their big dreams.

I want to stay updated with real advice from real successful people.