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Only Proforma is the $500 Million Technology & Business Success Leader in the Promotional Products, Print and Packaging Industry. We offer a full line of promotional, packaging, printing and related graphic solutions to our Owners. Our $15 million investment in the industry’s most intuitive business management technology platform maximizes our Owners’ success.

22% increase in sales

18% increase in gross profits

50-75% increase in efficiencies

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Proforma enables distributors and sales representatives, like you, to have control of their own business while benefiting from the depth and breadth of the marketing resources, purchasing clout and back-office support offered by the largest franchise/affiliate model in our industry. Watch this video to hear more about our Owners’ success.

Million Dollar Club Resort & Golf Club Booklet Cover

Million Dollar Club Booklet

Would you jump at the chance to meet some of the top performing Owners in our industry? Explore Proforma’s Million Dollar Club Booklet, featuring our exclusive group of highest achieving Owners who help each other pursue their dreams, celebrate their accomplishments and create lifelong friendships.

Promotional Graphic for Million Dollar Club Experience held at Fairmont Mayakoba in Riviera Maya, Mexico.


Proforma offers an exclusive Million Dollar Club event for Owners with individual sales ranging from $1 million to $40 million to leverage relationships with others who strive for the same level of success. Watch this video to explore the benefits of this wonderful vacation and networking opportunity.

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Quick Reference Guide to Resources

These are programs to assist you in business development and to create Owner wealth.


Directory of Sales and Marketing Resources

Members of the Proforma Family have access to a diverse library of sales and marketing materials and programs. This directory is designed to help Proforma Owners and Sales Representatives use these tools effectively and understand the purpose behind each program.


Custom Websites

Our Worldwide Support Center Marketing Team creates beautifully designed, streamlined websites for each of our Owners. Click the links below to review some of our website samples:

Portrait of Mike Durkee, Owner of Proforma Durkee. Multi-Million Dollar Club Member in Huntersville, NC

Mike Durkee

Owner of Proforma Durkee
Multi-Million Dollar Club Member
Huntersville, NC

At first I was very hesitant to consider Proforma, but I think it’s one of the best things we’ve ever done. Every year we were struggling to pull in $500,000. In the short period of time we’ve been with Proforma, our sales have skyrocketed and we have achieved Five Million Dollar Club status. Without Proforma, we would still just be a $500,000 company.

Proforma in the News

Co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak and Proforma CTO, Brian Carothers sitting on stage in white chairs.

Steve Wozniak Celebrates Technology with Proforma

Co-Founder of Apple Steve Wozniak joined Proforma at The PPAI Expo in a celebration of technology innovation. A record-breaking number of Proforma Owners, Supplier Partners and special guests in the industry attended this private event.

Proforma Affiliate Owners Rick Royall and Kristen Scotto standing next to a laptop with the ProStores Logo as the background.

Proforma Affiliate Owners Win $12 Million eCommerce Contract

Proforma is proud to announce that two of our powerhouse Affiliate Owners, Kristen Scotto and Rick Royall, teamed up to win a three-year $12 million eCommerce store contract with one of the largest automotive tire marketers in the nation.

Proforma Affliate Owners Fred and Suzette Albrecht standing side-by-side on a boat with a mountain in the background.

Proforma Albrecht & Co. Sets New Record $6 Million Month

Proforma Albrecht & Co. has set a new sales record at $6 million for the month of December 2019. Proforma Albrecht & Co. has reached this record month to end their 2019 record setting year with 19% growth and sales exceeding $38.5 million.