Blurred background of a business professional standing up presenting in an office meeting to four other business professionals. Business Success Services from
the Business Success Leader
Blurred background of a business professional standing up presenting in an office meeting to four other business professionals.

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Suite
of Business Success Services

Proforma’s Business Success Services help our Affiliate Owners consistently rank as some of the most successful in our industry. With over 200 World Wide Support Center Team Members, our programs ensure utmost success in your business and life.


Financing & Cash Flow

Stimulate your business by partnering with the $500 million leader in the industry. Proforma’s financial backing and cash flow equips you with the peace of mind and security to pursue larger and more lucrative selling opportunities.


Credit Insurance Program

Proforma provides a credit insurance program for qualified customers to help ease your mind as an Affiliate Owner. Don’t spend your time chasing down that customer whose invoice is past due… eliminate the stress of these situations by letting Proforma be your bank!

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Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

Our Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Programs provide you with more selling opportunities. We generate new contacts in your desired area and present them with information about Proforma’s offerings and capabilities. Our team will then set up appointments for you – putting you on the right track for accelerated business growth.


Sales Rep Recruiting

One of the best ways to dynamically grow your sales and profits is by hiring and managing sales representatives to expand your selling opportunities. Our team of recruiting professionals is here to help find, interview, hire and train sales reps to promote your business growth. Let our experts do the legwork for you!


Major Accounts & Company Stores Team

Our Major Accounts & Company Stores Team has decades of experience qualifying deals and helping Affiliate Owners pursue profitable major accounts, company stores & fulfillment programs. We will support you through the entire deal making process, including drafting RFPs and RFIs, delivering presentations that oftentimes include a company store component, assisting with client meetings and much more.


Sales Growth with Expanded Product Lines

In today’s busy world, decision makers would like to buy more products and solutions from fewer people – printing, packaging, promotional products, apparel, signage and more. Proforma equips you with the best tools & resources to become a full solutions provider for your clients

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Only Proforma offers our Affiliate Owners access to ProFreight. Our exclusive partnership with shipping carriers, such as FedEx and UPS, provide significant discounts that can help strategically add 2-3% to your bottom line.

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Marketing Services

Our $4 Million Sales & Marketing Fund helps you grow your client base and advertise your capabilities as a full solutions provider through professional marketing campaigns. Our Creative Services and Public Relations Teams are here to help you customize materials and outreach so you can leverage the Power of Proforma throughout the industry.


Acquisitions Team

Proforma’s Acquisitions Team helps you identify and structure the most profitable M&A opportunities to maximize your sales and grow your business. Our experts assist you every step of the way – from valuation to due diligence, negotiations and documentation. When you’re ready to explore an exit strategy for yourself, our team will help find the best opportunity for your future.


Back-Office Support

As a business owner, it’s easy to get stuck sweating the small stuff. Proforma’s 200 Worldwide Support Center Team Members are here to free up your time from accounts receivable, accounts payable, collections, payroll & billing, help desk, accounting, reporting and cash management.

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Preferred Supplier Network

With over 500 Affiliate Owners and 400 Preferred Suppliers, the Proforma Network is the largest in our industry. Our supplier partners offer exclusive pricing that can be 5-10% more cost effective than on your own – alongside unparalleled customer service and support that you and your clients deserve.

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Proof is in the Numbers

Year 2019 Million Dollar Club Members posing for a group photo at Terranea.

Most Million & Multi-Million Dollar Distributors in the Industry

Only Proforma has 193 Affiliate Owners in its Million Dollar Club with sales ranging from $1 million to $40 million.

Inc. 5000 logo.

25 Owners on Inc. 5000Fastest-Growing Companies

Only Proforma has 25 Affiliate Owners on Inc. 5000’s Fastest-Growing Companies list. No other affiliate organization had even one!

Purple bar graph showing percentages of Profoma’s affiliate owners ranking top 8 out of 20 fastest growing companies.

8 of Top 20 Spotson ASI’s Fastest-Growing List

Over the past few years, Proforma has taken 8 of the top 20 spots on ASI’s Fastest-Growing Companies in our industry.