Greg Muzzillo, Author at Proforma

Super Size Your Business

I am sure you have seen plenty of McDonalds ads? Right? But you probably didn’t learn anything new? Right? You already knew McDonalds sold hamburgers, fries, shakes and sodas. You have already tried many things on their menu. So since you already know everything you need to know about McDonalds why do they advertise?


The Number One Enemy of Becoming Wealthy

I define wealthy as making a MINIMUM of $500,000 per year. This is a very achievable goal because:

  • Businesses in North America spend over $300 Billion on all the products we sell (Printing, Promotional Products, Incentives/Awards, Custom Packaging and more).
  • These businesses keep running out of these items and need to reorder more.
  • The margins can be high if you sell solutions and not just price.


The Rule of the Beach Fire

I love being at the beach. One of my favorite things is to have a great log fire at the beach. Here’s the first rule of the beach fire: It takes many logs to have great log fire. If one of the logs rolls out of the fire, it fizzles out and sizzles out. It’s virtually


The Eggs in one Basket Problem

We’ve all heard the expression “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” However, there are many people who let their quality of life rely too much on one factor. This becomes glaringly apparent during a financial downturn.


The Easiest Sale

Many of you reading this are wondering where to get more sales. There are only 4 possibilities for creating more sales. In order of the easiest sale they are: 1. Sell an existing product to an existing customer 2. Sell a new product to an existing customer 3. Sell an existing product to a new


Re-Ignite Your Joy

Let’s face it, most folks have experienced some very tough times in their business and in their life over the last couple of months. Many have come face to face with some great loss – loss of sales, loss of income and loss of strategies that worked for years, even decades.