The Business of Relationships: Steven Flaughers Shares the Key to Multi-Million Dollar Success

It's often said that you are only as strong as the company you keep. For Steven Flaughers, Owner of Proforma 3rd Degree Marketing, that statement couldn't be closer to the truth.

Relationship building is one of the strongest skills locked in Steven's professional arsenal. When he began his career in the print and promo industry, he had no idea that the contacts he made during his part-time, college sales job would soon play a big role in setting the stage for his major success.

Fast forward to now ‒ Steven has been the Owner of Proforma 3rd Degree Marketing for more than eight years. For the second consecutive year, he was named to the 2017 Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America, along with 17 other Proforma owners. He is serving his fourth term on Proforma's Owner Advisory Council, elected by his peers. He surpassed Proforma's Million Dollar Club and went straight into the Multi-Million Dollar Club. He has grown his book of business from $200,000 to more than $2 million and earned many well deserved accolades along the way. Steven attributes much of his success to the Power of the Proforma Network. He and four other Proforma Owners formed a Mastermind Group with bi-weekly phone calls to discuss growth strategies and they often invite guest speakers from Proforma's list of Preferred Limited Suppliers. "You can learn so much about this business by listening to others' successes and failures. We all have individual strengths, but together we can do great things. We set goals and hold each other accountable for reaching them ‒ each of us genuinely wants to see other Proforma Owners grow and succeed."

It's no surprise that Steven's focus on interpersonal relationships doesn't stop at Proforma Owners and Supplier Partners; it extends deep into Proforma's Worldwide Support Center. "I truthfully don't know of any Proforma resources that we haven't used." Proforma 3rd Degree Marketing has worked closely alongside the Mergers and Acquisitions Team, Marketing, Appointment Setting Team, Recruiting Team ‒ and the list goes on. "I know that Proforma's Support Team has my best interest at heart. Whether it's regarding an M&A deal or hiring a sales rep, I know I can always trust their judgement," explained Steven.

From the Support Center Staff to the Preferred Limited Supplier Partners to the 700 plus Owners in Proforma's network ‒ utilizing these connections has kicked Steven's business into high gear. "There is no way I would be in business, especially not one this successful, if it weren't for the relationships I've made through the Proforma network. After all, the true power of Proforma is in the people."

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