Proforma Launches 600th Client eCommerce Store

CLEVELAND (October 16, 2017) – Proforma is proud to announce it has launched its 600th client eCommerce store on its ProStores platform, a proprietary online storefront system. ProStores was introduced in 2016 to provide B2B and B2C end users with a streamlined, Amazon-like experience for online purchases. Proforma currently supports both mid-sized and Fortune 500 company stores. The Proforma ProStores range in value from $25,000 to over $5 million in annual sales.

“We are seeing significant growth in online purchasing, especially in B2B situations where our clients’ priority is to control their brand identity and overall spend,” said Brian Carothers, Proforma’s Chief Technology Officer. “The ProStores platform is very nimble, so it can easily integrate into clients’ existing websites while offering mobile responsiveness and detailed reporting. Most importantly, both Proforma owners and their clients have reported significant time and financial savings by managing large print and promotional programs through ProStores.”

A combination of soaring online buying trends and the enhanced capabilities of the ProStores platform has resulted in a 33% increase in the number of online company stores Proforma has created since 2016.

“The ProStores eCommerce platform gives me the flexibility to create custom sites for my clients with many unique features,” said Jim Shindler, Co-Owner of Proforma Graphics Services in Columbus, OH and Ten Million Dollar Club Member. “One of the most significant advantages the ProStore platform offers is that it blends the best functionality of both print and promo specific eCommerce systems. ProStores allow us to provide a wide range of marketing solutions to our clients and offer the most user friendly eCommerce experience in our industry.”

Proforma’s ProStores team assists owners and sales reps in identifying viable eCommerce opportunities and demonstrating the platform’s functionality to end clients. Proforma eCommerce Relationship Manager (ERM) is assigned to each ProStore account for technology development and maintenance.

To learn more about Proforma, please visit OnlyProforma.com.

About Proforma 

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