Proforma Owner Advisory Council Annual Planning Meeting Hosted at PCNA Headquarters

Front row: Steven Flaughers, Andy Fornaro, Greg Muzzillo (Founder), Vera Muzzillo (Chief Executive Officer), Vivek Narola and Mike Shrader.

Second row: Rick Hileman (Chief Financial Officer), Susan Freiberg, Brenda Angelini, Rachel Zabala, Yvette Hymel, Deanna Castello (Chief Marketing Officer) and Brian Carothers (Chief Technology Officer).

Third row: John Keith, Michele Cardello (Director of Strategic Partner Development, Doug Kordel (Chief Operating Officer and General Council), Jeff Rothchild, Brandon Kennedy, Tim Meffert and Tom Rizzi (Chief Sales Officer)

CLEVELAND (October 2, 2017) – Proforma's Owner Advisory Council (OAC), member owners elected each year to represent their geographical regions, recently held its annual planning meeting at the Polyconcept North America (PCNA) headquarters in New Kensington, PA. Every year, Proforma's OAC comes together with executive team members to set the goals and initiatives that will drive the continued growth of the organization.

"Proforma's annual planning meeting sets our course for the year ahead," said Greg Muzzillo, Founder of Proforma. "Proforma is the only industry company that invites an elected group of its members to help shape the direction and focus of the business. Conducting the meeting at PCNA added even more value to our time together. Our group was able to engage in meaningful conversations with PCNA about new ways we can grow together in the future. This creative collaboration set the tone for a productive and inspiring meeting regarding Proforma's business development direction for the remainder of 2017 and into 2018."

Proforma's OAC provides leadership to the network and serves as a liaison between owners and Proforma's executive team, offering input and guidance in the development of sales and business tools, resources and programs. At this year's meeting, these Proforma owners had the opportunity to tour PCNA's production and design facilities and discuss new strategies for working together toward continued growth.

"There is no better way to fully demonstrate PCNA's ingenuity and creative culture than to visit our facilities and meet the people behind our products," said Steve Gelernter, National Sales Manager with Leed's. "It was an honor to host Proforma's annual planning meeting and to show these industry leaders our team's vision, the products and services we are most excited about and then collaborate on how we can best leverage our relationship for even greater mutual success."

During this meeting Proforma's OAC also broke into committees to have focused discussions regarding marketing, business development, finance and operations and strategic supplier partner development. Each committee member offered feedback on current programs and processes and provided further direction in these areas.

"What makes this planning meeting so unique is that much of what is discussed is direct feedback and input from the member owners in our regions," said Andy Fornaro, Owner of Proforma R&E Graphics and OAC President. "It's extraordinary for an organization of our size to remain dedicated to serving the best interests of all our owners and to be continually working to find innovative ways for us achieve even more success."

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