Eastern Advertising Novelty Powered by Proforma Announces Acquisition of DeRoy Advertising Specialties

Palmer, MA (November 1, 2016) ‒ Brian Kwiatkowski, Owner of  Eastern Advertising Novelty Powered by Proforma in Palmer, MA, has announced the acquisition of DeRoy Advertising Specialties in Monson, MA. Financial terms of the agreement will not be disclosed. 

"I'm very excited to introduce this client base to Proforma and provide them a wider product range of printing, promotional products, graphic solutions and digital marketing resources including website development, online marketing and mobile apps," said Kwiatkowski. "We strive to provide our clients with one source to an infinite number of resources that streamline business." 

Joe DeRoy, a former Marketing Account Executive with Halo Branded Solutions, will remain on board to ensure a smooth transition over the next six to 12 months. He will then transition into retirement.

"After working with Brian and getting to know him extensively, I knew this transition was the best option for me and my customers," said DeRoy. "Brian is an expert at what he does and has a proven track record of creating customized marketing solutions that deliver impressive ROI for his clients."  

This is the second acquisition Kwiatkowski has completed over the past two years, with the help of Proforma's Mergers & Acquisition Team. Proforma has closed more than $13 million merger and acquisition deals within the past year and has over $150 million in acquisition opportunities remaining in the pipeline to pursue on Proforma Owners' behalf.

"We are proud to have a dedicated team of experienced merger and acquisition experts helping Owners substantially increase their sales through buying out their competition," said Greg Muzzillo, Founder of Proforma. "From identifying qualified sellers, completing the due diligence process and finalizing the terms of the deal, our M&A Team helps Proforma Owners who have never even thought about pursuing acquisitions in past successfully close wildly profitable deals." 

Proforma Owners have access to a $4 million sales and marketing fund for support, including access to award-winning marketing campaigns, a state-of-the-art technology platform, financial backing, free credit insurance, the buying clout that lowers costs 5% - 15% with a proven vendor network and more. 

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