Fastest-Growing Grocery Chain in US Partners with The Branding Agency Powered by Proforma

The Branding Agency Powered by Proforma is proud to announce it has partnered with a leading global supermarket chain to support its employee recruitment efforts. The annual spend is estimated at $1 million and will include print, promotional products, apparel and eCommerce services.

"It is an extremely exciting time to be partnered with the nation's fastest-growing supermarket chain," said Ryan Andrews, Owner of The Branding Agency Powered by Proforma. "Our client is focused on recruiting and retaining top talent to continue successfully growing their business. Proforma's vast supplier network and strong industry relationships have put us in the prime position to offer the products and services our client needs to attract their target market. From an eCommerce store to job fair booths and giveaways, our ability to be a complete marketing solutions provider sets us apart from our competition."

The Branding Agency Powered by Proforma will be providing the grocery chain client with a full suite of marketing materials and collateral as the company plans to open and staff more than 500 new stores over the next two years. Using a proprietary eCommerce platform, more than 100 buyers in division offices across the country will be able to purchase print, promotional products and apparel. The online store is a critical component for the chain to ensure brand consistency, product availability and monitor spending. 

"Our mission at Proforma is to provide our Owners with the resources and relationships they need to win enterprise level accounts," said Greg Muzzillo, Founder of Proforma. "Our growing network of preferred suppliers gives Proforma Owners the best advantage in the industry in pricing, accessibility, quality, speed and innovation." 

As a member of Proforma, Andrews also has access to a full suite of support, including award winning marketing campaigns, a newly enhanced technology platform, financial backing, free credit insurance, the buying clout that lowers costs 5% - 15% with a proven vendor network and more.

For more information about Proforma, please visit www.OnlyProforma.com.

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