Stranger Danger

“Stranger danger” is a warning that all people you don’t personally know (strangers) can potentially be dangerous.

There are lots of strangers giving advice these days. On social media. On YouTube. In your emails. And more.

Lots of free advice.

But who are these folks and should you follow their advice?

My strong suggestion is that you check out folks offering advice before you consider following it.

If you want to grow a company, I strongly suggest you check out two places:

  1. On LinkedIn you can easily tell the career history of the person and how many people work for their company. You’d be amazed at how few people work at most of the companies owned by people giving free advice on social media.
  2. ZoomInfo has some information that may be useful for larger companies. However, their information is not very useful if a company has fewer than 25 employees and $5 million in sales.

There are people in our industry offering free advice about growing your sales and your business who only have 2 – 20 employees and under $1 million in sales to no more than $5 million in sales.

You have a limited number of hours in your day. You have a limited amount of energy to formulate and pursue growth strategies. You deserve to know more about the people who are offering advice before you consider following it.