You’ve heard of Sir Isaac Newton. As the story goes, he discovered gravity when an apple fell on his head while he was sitting under an apple tree.

He also discovered a famous law of physics, “an object in motion tends to stay in motion and an object at rest tends to stay at rest”.

That law of physics applies to you, too.

I have spoken with several industry folks lately whose sales declined substantially over the past year. They want to get going and growing but are not even sure where or how to begin.

If you do not know where or how to begin again, let me encourage you to just get going. Just get in motion.

  • Pick up the phone
  • Reach out to former customers and check in on them
  • Call current customers and see what projects they have for the rest of the year
  • Make a list of prospects and start dialing for dollars
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn to identify prospects and contact them
  • Contact some industry friends and find out what is working for them

Just get in motion.

Business is coming back.

The industry is rebounding quickly.

Just get in motion. Stay in motion. You got this!