Our mindset is critically important to our success in life because thoughts become things.

Steven Covey, in his best-selling book The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, introduced us to the abundance mindset. An abundance mindset is when a person believes that our world if full of plenty of opportunities for all people to be very successful. A scarcity mindset basically believes there are limited opportunities and that when someone else wins it creates others to lose.

People with an abundant mindset live life filled with positivity, joy, and optimism.

People with a scarcity mindset live life filled with negativity, jealousy, pessimism.

Which mindset do you want have in your life?

It is easy to have an abundance mindset in our business. Think about it. Businesses in North America spend at least $250 Billion on printing; promotional products; decorated wearables; and custom packaging. $250 Billion. The largest businesses in our industry are only about $1 Billion. Clearly, there is an abundance of opportunities in our industry for success.

Do you want to nurture an abundance mindset?

  1. See the big picture and the big opportunity.
  2. Practice gratitude. Be grateful for all you have now. Gratitude is the attitude that opens our universe to more success.
  3. See the good. When others win, practice seeing the good for them. Practice being happy for others.
  4. Ask yourself and your universe this question every day, “how can I be even more aware of the unlimited opportunities that surround me right now?”
  5. Choose your words carefully. Using words of anger, jealousy, and negativity creates a scarcity mindset. Use words of positivity, joy and constant optimism and confidence creates an abundance mindset.

If you are ready for more in your life, nurture an abundance mindset.