Many people struggle with their self-confidence. I will share the number one way I have found to maximize your self-confidence.

Keep your commitments to yourself.

That’s right. You will maximize your self-confidence by keeping your commitments to yourself.

Most people who struggle with self-confidence feel that they are lacking in some area(s) of their life. These areas include physical appearance, weight, finances, intelligence and more. Let’s use weight as an example, because it has been an area of struggle for me.

When I feel very overweight and struggling to fit in my “fat” clothes, it is very hard for me to be self-confident. I worry that I don’t look good and I know that I don’t feel good about myself during those times.

When I keep my commitments to myself, commitments to exercise and eat right, my self-confidence expands because I know I AM ON MY WAY to the right weight for myself. Notice, I didn’t say I arrived at my right weight. I just said I know I AM ON MY WAY. Being on our way is all we need to be more self-confident.

Truth is that most of us never ARRIVE at areas in our life we feel lacking. I know very few people who are 100% satisfied with any area of their life. That is why keeping our commitments and being on our way is all we need to grow our self-confidence.