Why Horses Wear Blinders

Why Horses Wear Blinders

If you have ever watched the Kentucky Derby or any horse race, surely you’ve noticed the “horse blinders” on the heads of all horses. The purpose of these blinders are to keep the horse from getting distracted by other horses, people or even birds.

When a horse gets distracted and looks around it can lose speed. More important, the blinders help keep the horse focused on the race and the track ahead of him.

Seems to me that many people need to get themselves some “people blinders”. Lots of people are getting way too distracted by the news, social media, and the election.

These distractions are causing many people to lose focus on their business and to lose speed in their race to success.

Let me suggest that you put on some “people blinders” by turning off the news, staying off social media and quit all the emotions about the election.

2021 is going to be a new kind of race for most business people and you need your focus on winning the race and the track ahead of you.