Stay Educated

Stay Educated

Most successful people talk a great deal about how they stay educated and continuously developing.

Truth is that none of us likes to say, “I don’t know.”  But the honest truth is there is much you don’t know and I don’t know.

If we want to continuously grow our success we need to continue to continuously grow our knowledge.

Some of the greatest and most successful minds of our time are also voracious readers. They make time for their education.

  • Warren Buffet (worth $78 billion) advocates reading hundreds of pages a day.
  • Mark Cuban (worth $4 billion) dedicates three hours a day to reading.
  • Bill Gates (worth $110 billion) reads 50 books a year, nearly a book a week.
  • Elon Musk (worth $92 billion) is an avid reader that claims he learned to build rockets by reading books.

The extraordinary people of this world dedicate massive amounts of time and money into investing in themselves. (Anthony Moore, Writer for Fast Company)

Find a book; attend a webinar; seek a mentor; network with others.

Education is the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.  All of these are required for success.

Stay Educated.