The Number One Enemy of Becoming Wealthy

The Number One Enemy of Becoming Wealthy

I define wealthy as making a MINIMUM of $500,000 per year.

This is a very achievable goal because:

  • Businesses in North America spend over $300 Billion on all the products we sell (Printing, Promotional Products, Incentives/Awards, Custom Packaging and more).
  • These businesses keep running out of these items and need to reorder more.
  • The margins can be high if you sell solutions and not just price.

However, truth is that most people never get wealthy in our business. The number one enemy of becoming wealthy…The number one reason why people don’t become wealthy is that they have become:


Most folks start in this business with some level of fear. Fear drives behaviors that advance most people to an acceptable level of success. And there’s the problem.

Once most people achieve a minimum level of success, being comfortable, their behaviors change. Comfortable people postpone the hard work of wealth achievement because it’s all a little harder and more uncomfortable than the work of maintaining the status quo.

The good news about the current pandemic is that it has made many people uncomfortable again. Harness that level of discomfort and change up your behaviors and product mix until you get back to your acceptable level of success. But this time, once you again achieve your minimum level of success, don’t let yourself settle for comfortable.

Stay UNCOMFORTABLE because you haven’t achieved the level of wealth that you, your family and your legacy deserve.