$5 Million Dollar JackPot

$5 Million Dollar JackPot

Let me tell you a story about Jack. Jack has been in this business a long time. Good guy. Lots of contacts. Sales typically less than $500,000 per year.

Then covid struck.

Jack participated in webinars and learned about opportunities in PPE. Jack reached out to his contacts. He told them how he had the ability to help them with their PPE needs. One of his contacts worked for a government agency that needed lots of PPE. He sold this one account over $20 million dollars in PPE. No price gouging. He was proud to be able to help frontline workers get the quality PPE they needed at a fair price.

Yesterday we sent Jack a check for $5 million dollars. $5 million dollars!

Why Jack? Because he took the time to learn about new products. He took the initiative to reach out to all of his contacts. He asked for help every step of the way.

Let me encourage you to be like Jack. Take time to listen to suppliers and other resources that can teach you about new products and opportunities. Take the initiative to reach out to your contacts and prospect hard. Get the help you need every step of the way. You could hit your own jackpot, too.