Do You Love You?

Do You Love You?

This is a very serious question. Do you love you? Do you love you just the way you are right now?

Many people seem like they don’t really love who they are right now. Perhaps they aren’t happy with their health, or income, or relationships, etc.

It’s easy to think that you will love yourself and love your life WHEN you achieve a certain health target, or income, or relationships, etc.

However, before any of us can really best achieve the future self we want to become, we need to love ourselves right now. Love yourself with all your perceived imperfections and shortcomings.

When you learn to love yourself NOW just the way you are right NOW you create a mindset of worthiness. Worthy of better health, higher income and improved relationships.

The opposite of feeling worthy, is feeling NOT worthy. And when we don’t feel worthy it makes it much harder, if not impossible to achieve the future you are seeking. 

You are worthy. You are able. And you deserve to love yourself right now. Just the way you are.