Are You Having Fun?

Are You Having Fun?

Most distributor owners started their own business because they had a dream of making more money and having more fun than working for someone else.

However, for many distributor owners, those dreams have turned into nightmares. All the responsibilities of business ownership can be very exhausting, distracting and no fun.

Business owners not only have to deal with customers and selling, which is what most distributors enjoy, but they also have to deal with billing, collections, accounts payable, cash flow, computer systems, sales tax, vendor credit, accounting and much more. Many of these responsibilities are no fun for folks who just love selling.

If you’re having fun in your business – congratulations. Business ownership should be fun.

However, if you’re not having fun and you feel stuck in the muck of all the details of business ownership, let me encourage you to:

  • Realize life is too short not to have fun. Commit to finding the fun in your business.
  • Identify the things you enjoy doing in your business and find a way to do more of that.
  • Identify the things you don’t enjoy doing in your business and find a way to delegate or outsource those tasks.

Business ownership can be a rewarding and fun dream. Find your fun. Delegate or outsource the rest.

The key to success in any pursuit is to focus on the FUNdamentals!


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