Impossible to Expected: A Lesson From Roger Bannister

Impossible to Expected: A Lesson From Roger Bannister

Roger Bannister passed away a few weeks ago. His life holds a powerful lesson for all of us.

In the early 1950’s it was considered physically and mentally impossible for any human to run a four minute mile. But in 1954, Roger Bannister became the first person to break the four minute mile barrier.

Within months, another person ran a four minute mile. Today, it’s expected that any serious track contender will run a four minute mile.

From impossible to expected.

It’s the most important journey for all entrepreneurs.  And, as I have learned from the authors of “The Twelve Week Year,” it’s a four step process.


Most big dreams start out seeming impossible. Moving your dream from seeming impossible to seeming possible is the most heavy lifting of the four steps. The key to moving your dream from impossible to possible best comes from knowing other people who have achieved dreams similar to yours.

The next step is to move your dream from possible to probable. The key to continuing to progress up this ladder is NOT to ask “How?” “How” can shut everything down. The key at this point is to ask “What if?” Thinking “What if?” combined with knowing others who have achieved dreams similar to ours helps power our pursuit.

Powerful sustained pursuit, based on the input and observance of others, results in continued success that moves us to expect success.

Roger Bannister powered many athletes to move their dreams from impossible to expected.

The key for you is to find your Roger Bannister. Find business people who have achieved dreams similar to your seemingly impossible dream. Study their success. Ask “What if?” Pursue relentlessly.

You will find that your impossible dream can become not only possible, but expected.

Living life expecting your dreams to come true is the most powerful mindset.

Thank you, Roger Bannister, for this great life and business lesson.


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