The Muzzillo Dictionary of Sales Terminology: The Definition of ‘Let Me Think About It’

The Muzzillo Dictionary of Sales Terminology: The Definition of ‘Let Me Think About It’

In the Muzzillo Dictionary of Sales Terminology, definitions of many key words and phrases aren’t what they appear to be. In my previous article, I shared how the definition of “I will call you” is really “I will never call you.”

Similarly, when a prospect tells you, “Let me think about it,” what they are really saying is, “I will never think about it.”

Buyers are liars. You know that’s true. Buyers also struggle to just tell the truth. Rather than a buyer telling the seemingly hard truth about their true lack of interest, they typically would rather say something easy like, “Let me think about it.”

So when someone tells you, “Let me think about it,” you need to understand that they will never think about it. Right then and there you need to ask them good questions and pursue a clarifying dialog. Here’s a better response to, “Let me think about it.”

Tell them you completely understand and appreciate that they want to make a good decision. Ask them, “Just so I can help you make a great decision, may I ask what specific concerns you would like to think about?” There are two key reasons why this is an effective follow-up question. First, you are identifying if there are any real concerns they need to think about so you can address them directly. Secondly, if they are unclear or evasive, you will want to immediately schedule your next follow-up by saying something like, “I understand you want some time to think things through. If I don’t hear from you sooner, I will follow-up with you on [give a specific date.]” Then, make sure that date is marked in your follow-up system.

Buyers are liars. It’s just reality. Don’t believe your prospects when they say, “Let me think about it.” Understanding the real definition of, “Let me think about it,” will ensure you stay in control throughout the sales process.


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