Proforma Named #2 Top Distributor by Promo Marketing Magazine

Proforma is excited to announce it has been named the #2 Top Distributor in the print and promotional products industry by Promo Marketing magazine with total sales of $497 million in 2014. Proforma has been named in the top two distributors for the seventh consecutive year.

"We are proud to be named the #2 Top Distributor by Promo Marketing magazine," said Greg Muzzillo, Founder of Proforma. "There are other business owner empowerment models that say they can do what Proforma does. However, many of these models spend most of their time and resources recruiting new members and offer very limited support in helping their members build great businesses. I believe our accomplishments and continued growth demonstrate why we are the leading business owner empowerment model."

The annual listing by Promo Marketing magazine is based on a comparison of 2012 and 2014 promotional sales figures to identify the top distributors in the industry. In addition to leading the industry in sales, Proforma also offers its Owner Members world-class support and award-winning sales and marketing tools.

"My observation about many of the smaller distributors in our industry is that they don't dream big enough, they aren't focused on the right wealth-building activities and they don't have the proper resources to grow," said Muzzillo. "Many distributor owners could solve these challenges most efficiently by partnering with a business owner empowerment model like Proforma. Unfortunately, many small distributor owners are too busy with their day-to-day tyranny of the urgent issues to take time out to seriously evaluate their future and their options. Proforma's mission is to help all types of business owners achieve their dreams in this industry."

In addition to the company being named this year's #2 Top Distributor by Promo Marketing, Proforma was recognized as the #2 Top Distributor by Print + Promo, #2 Top Distributor byPrint Solutions and the #2 Top Distributor by Counselor magazine in 2014. Proforma was also the recipient of three 2015 American Inhouse Design Awards from Graphic Design USA for the design concepts behind its marketing programs.

About Proforma

With over 30 years of experience and $500 million in sales, Proforma remains clearly focused on providing solutions to businesses worldwide for their graphic communications needs. A leading provider of promotional products, printing services, business documents, and eCommerce solutions, Proforma has received numerous awards and is recognized as one of the top five largest companies in our industry. Proforma serves approximately 60,000 clients through more than 750 member offices across the globe, backed by more than 130 Team Members in the Proforma Worldwide Support Center located in Cleveland, Ohio.


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