Proforma Launches Global Graphics Network

Proforma, the nearly $500 million industry leader, is excited to announce the launch of Global Graphics Network (GGN), a sister network focused exclusively on helping commercial printers grow their businesses. GGN will help commercial print shop owners significantly increase their sales.

"Global Graphics Network is designed to focus on the unique needs of printers," said Greg Muzzillo, Founder of Proforma. "We know most printers have invested a great deal in their equipment, their staff and building their brand. We respect the businesses they have created. We also know that most printers need to find the right path forward to dynamically increase their sales and position their business for success in today's business reality."

Through GGN, commercial printers, decorators and silkscreen printers benefit from the combined resources of a connected network, while still maintaining their independent business ownership and business name. During the initial launch of GGN, new members can join the network without any upfront costs.

"This is such a new and exciting opportunity for print shop owners that we are going to invest in their businesses as we grow Global Graphics Network with no out-of-pocket cost to join," said Muzzillo. "We are confident that once printers start to tap into our wealth of resources to strategically grow their businesses, they will see their sales and profits increase dramatically."

Global Graphics Network offers printers access to a $4 million sales and marketing fund and marketing materials they can brand with their own company name and logo. Members will have access to a 140 member support services team, financial backing, free credit insurance, dedicated sales rep recruiters, an acquisition support team and a full suite of additional products to offer their customers, positioning their business as a total solutions provider.

"Proforma and Global Graphics Network understand the specific challenges printers face," said Andy Mealor, Owner of Proforma Ascension Marketing Group. "When I joined Proforma in 2010, I had a struggling commercial printing business with sales around $1 million. Today, we have more than doubled our sales to the $2 million range and are looking forward to achieving at least $3 million in 2016. I am pleased to see that Proforma is creating a separate network with GGN, solely focused on the unique needs of printers. Printers who are seeking a bright path forward like I was a few years ago will find the sales, profits and cash flow they are seeking with Global Graphics Network."

For more information about Global Graphics Network, please visit GlobalGraphicsNetwork.com.

About Global Graphics Network

Global Graphics Network (GGN), a sister network of Proforma, is focused on helping commercial printers grow their businesses. Designed exclusively for commercial printers, silkscreen printers and decorators, GGN members benefit from the strength of Proforma's nearly $500 million industry-leading network. GGN's mission is to help members grow sales, increase profits, accelerate cash flow and develop a successful exit strategy. GGN is backed by more than 140 Support Team Members. Proforma.com. GlobalGraphicsNetwork.com.

For more information, contact: Kendra Smith, Manager of Public Relations, at (216) 520-8400 ext. 3406 or ksmith@proforma.com