Proforma Owners Close $2 Million in Acquisitions in November

Proforma has announced two acquisitions, estimated to be worth $1 million each, were closed by Member Owners in the first week of November. Mike and Melinda Durkee, Owners of Proforma Durkee in Huntsville, NC, acquired Print Focus, located in Hickory, NC, and Dennis Funk and Rich Bewley, Owners of Proforma Signature Solutions in Brooklyn Heights, OH, have acquired The Parts Connection located in Arlington, TX. 

"Through this acquisition, we anticipate nearly doubling our sales over the next year and greatly expanding our customer base for continued growth for years to come," said Mike Durkee. "Proforma's Mergers & Acquisitions team gave us expert guidance on how to make this a smooth transition. They made it extremely easy for us to close this deal and put more than $1 million in sales in our pipeline for 2016."

The Proforma Mergers & Acquisitions Team helps Proforma Member Owners increase their sales by acquiring profitable industry distributors. The M&A Team has closed 38 deals on behalf of Member Owners since 2014 and continues to grow its pipeline of qualified sellers.

"We are extremely excited to have such a strong end to 2015 by helping our Owners add more than $2 million to their sales in a single month through successful acquisitions, with more acquisitions set to close this month as well," said Greg Muzzillo, Founder of Proforma. "At Proforma, our focus is helping our Owners grow their businesses through proven growth strategies, such as mergers and acquisitions. We are dedicated to making the process easy for our Member Owners to buy out their competition and significantly expand their client list."

Both sets of Proforma Member Owners tapped into Proforma's M&A resources to identify, pursue and complete these acquisition opportunities. The M&A team helped streamline the process, leading to the successful buy-out of two industry printers. The Durkees are members of Proforma's Million Dollar Club and Funk and Bewley are members of Proforma's Multi-Million Dollar Club and have identified involvement in Proforma's Mergers and Acquisitions program as a proven strategy to achieve significant future growth.

About Proforma

With over 35 years of experience and nearly $500 million in sales, Proforma remains clearly focused on providing solutions to businesses worldwide for their graphic communications needs. A leading provider of promotional products, printing services, business documents, and eCommerce solutions, Proforma has received numerous awards and is recognized as one of the top five largest companies in our industry. Proforma serves approximately 60,000 clients through more than 750 member offices across the globe, backed by more than 140 Team Members in the Proforma Worldwide Support Center located in Cleveland, Ohio.


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