Deciding when and why to buy or sell a business can change over time: the economy, increasing competition, retirement, financial reasons, relocation, change in lifestyle, or burn out. Since 1997, Proforma has provided one of the most premier merger and acquisition services in the print and promotional products industry. You can feel comfortable coming to us to help you identify opportunities to expand your business or maximize the value of your business through a customized exit strategy. 

Exit Strategy Planning 

Having a business exit strategy not only means being prepared for the unexpected, it also means having a plan to transition ownership of your business when you're ready to move on to the next chapter of your life. 

  • Assisted 150+ businesses in finding over $120 million in annual sales revenue

  • Referred more than 2,000 businesses to potential buyers

  • Created a group of nearly 700 individual buyers interested in growing their business

Merger & Acquisition Support 

Acquiring or merging with another business is one of the most effective ways to grow your account base and improve the health of your existing business. Proforma"s mergers and acquisitions team will work directly with you on planning your expansion strategy, searching for potential acquisition leads and negotiating deals.

  • Find prospects

  • Prepare letters of intent

  • Maintain due diligence

  • Structure fair and equitable deals for buyers and sellers 

  • Provide advice for a smooth post-merger integration

In 2015, Proforma helped close 18 Merger & Acquisition deals and supported an additional 8 internal deals.


"When we decided to make Mergers and Acquisitions a prime strategy in our business plan, we determined that the key to closing the deal was the relationship we built with the sellers along with the resources from the Proforma Support Center. We could not have closed our biggest deals without their assistance.  The Support Center team helps guide us through every step of the process and positions us to the seller as a large entity, giving us an edge over other companies."

Pratt Pande
Co-Owner of Proforma IdeaPress
Multi-Million Dollar Club Member

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