Members of Proforma's Executive Team have provided billions of dollars of strategic acquisition and financing transactions in the print, packaging and promotional products industry. Proforma has the financial capacity of a privately held, $500 million leading organization to conclude deals of all sizes. We offer sellers of all sales levels peace-of-mind knowing the business they built is in the capable hands of the largest network in the industry.

Proforma Acquisition Company

Through the Proforma Acquisition Company, owners of print, packaging and promotional product distributorships of $5 million to over $100 million, and more can turn to Proforma as part of their exit strategy. Our network of more than 700 business Owners, 500 Preferred Suppliers and 200 employees in our Headquarters create the buying power and industry clout to easily integrate large distributors into the Proforma network and minimize the seller's risk. Greg Muzzillo, Founder of Proforma, will be overseeing these initiatives and any deals should be sent to his attention at greg@proforma.com.

Proforma's Mergers & Acquisitions Team

Proforma's Mergers & Acquisitions Team has spent over 40 years helping our Owners achieve significant business growth. Proforma Owners have access to dedicated Strategic Advisors and a team of merger and acquisition specialists to help them identify qualified sellers up to $5 million, complete the due diligence process and finalize terms of an agreement.

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